Explore the pervasiveness of plastic pollution and the steps we can take to address it.

An ocean loaded with plastic garbage. Beaches overwhelmed with waste. Microplastics in our food and drinks. It is one thing to read about ocean plastic—and another thing to see it up close.

The Blue Paradox is a powerful, immersive experience taking you below the ocean’s surface to explore the impact plastic pollution has had on our planet’s largest ecosystem. The paradox? Our use of plastic in daily life has led modern society to advances and convenience, but also to one of our planet’s biggest pollution issues. The problem can be overcome, but it will first take our awareness and then our resolution to take action.

When The Blue Paradox was presented as a sold-out pop-up experience in London, 97% of attendees left saying they planned to make permanent changes to their behavior. What effect will The Blue Paradox have on you?

The Blue Paradox is included in Museum Entry and requires a free, timed-entry ticket available onsite.

The Blue Paradox

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