february 10, 2022 – september 5, 2022

The Art of the Brick


CHICAGO (Feb.10, 2022) - The Art of the Brick, a captivating exhibition, featuring over 100 incredible works of art made from millions of LEGO® bricks, is set to make its Chicago debut at the Museum of Science and Industry on February 10, 2022. Tickets are currently available for this critically acclaimed collection of creative and inspiring pieces by renowned contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya.

"The Art of the Brick reimagines famous artistic masterpieces into LEGO form," said Chevy Humphrey, President and CEO, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. "Visitors of all ages will witness art in a whole new way, while celebrating an imaginative and creative medium."

Sawaya's original pieces and reimagined world-famous art masterpieces on display in the exhibition include:

  • Fan favorite "Yellow", a life-size sculpture of a man pulling his chest apart with thousands of yellow LEGO bricks flowing from the cavity.
  • Van Gogh's Starry Night and Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.
  • A multimedia collection of LEGO brick infused photography produced in tandem with award-winning photographer Dean West.

To celebrate the exhibition's Chicago debut, Nathan Sawaya has created several new pieces including a replica of Chicago Artist Hebru Brantley's "Flyboy."

"The Art of The Brick takes LEGO somewhere you wouldn't expect and shows you things you have never seen before," said artist Sawaya. "The goal with this collection of art is to demonstrate the potential of imagination and the power of creativity."

The Art of The Brick is the first major museum exhibition to use LEGO bricks as the sole art medium. Sawaya transforms LEGO bricks into tremendous and thought-provoking sculptures, elevating the toy to the realm of art. Sawaya's ability to transform this common toy into something meaningful, his devotion to spatial perfection and the way he conceptualizes action, enables him to elevate a toy beloved by generations into contemporary art.

The One Brick Studio

True to MSI's signature interactive approach, MSI has created the One Brick Studio where guests can challenge friends and family to recreate a piece of art or express their emotions using LEGO bricks. Inside the studio guests are encouraged to practice the same communication skills that scientists and artists use to share their ideas with the world.

The Art of The Brick at the Museum of Science and Industry will be on display from February 10, 2022, through September 5, 2022. Tickets are not included in Museum Entry. For more information and tickets, visit: msichicago.org/visit/tickets.

About Nathan Sawaya and The Art of The Brick

Former NYC corporate lawyer turned contemporary artist, Nathan Sawaya is the first artist ever to take the LEGO brick into the art world as a medium. Sawaya has earned a top position in the world of contemporary art and has created a new dimension by merging Pop Art and Surrealism in awe-inspiring and groundbreaking ways. Sawaya's touring exhibition - THE ART OF THE BRICK® - has entertained and inspired millions of art lovers and enthusiasts around the world. CNN heralded; The Art of The Brick is one of the top ten "must-see exhibits" in the world! Sawaya is an author, speaker and one of the most popular, award-winning contemporary artists of our time. For more information visit www.brickartist.com.

About the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI), one of the largest science museums in the world, offers world-class and uniquely interactive experiences that inspire inventive genius and foster curiosity. From groundbreaking and award-winning exhibits that can’t be found anywhere else, to hands-on opportunities that make you the scientist—a visit to MSI is where fun and learning mix. Through its education initiatives, the Museum offers a variety of student, teacher and family programs that make a difference in communities and contribute to MSI’s larger vision: to inspire and motivate children to achieve their full potential in STEM: science, technology, engineering and math. Come visit and find your inspiration! The Museum is grateful for the support of its donors and guests, who make its work possible. MSI is also supported in part by the people of Chicago through the Chicago Park District. For more information, visit msichicago.org or call (773) 684-1414.

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Artist Nathan Sawaya

Artist Nathan Sawaya working in his studio.
[Photo courtesy of The Art of the Brick]

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Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" is one of the art masterpieces re-imagined in LEGO bricks. [Photo courtesy of The Art of the Brick]

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Guests can get an up-close look at Michaelangelo's "David" sculpture in LEGO. [Photo courtesy of The Art of the Brick]

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The Art of the Brick also features original artwork by Nathan Sawaya. [Photo courtesy of The Art of the Brick]

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