Nicole Kowrach

ITW Director of Teaching and Learning

Content expertise: science teacher professional development, classroom science instruction, Next Generation Science Standards

Nicole Kowrach joined the staff of the Museum of Science and Industry in 2005. With over a decade of experience in science museums, Nicole has developed, implemented and led science education programs for students, teachers, families and communities, and has written, been awarded and managed federal grants from NASA, NOAA, IMLS, NIH, the Department of Education and others. Kowrach helped MSI partner with Michigan State University for an in-depth study on the effectiveness of the Museum’s teacher professional development programs. The study results showed a direct improvement to not only teacher performance, but also student performance, in just one year. Kowrach has earned a Master of Science in Anthropology as well as a graduate certificate in museum studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Kowrach has been interviewed by Education Week, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Public Radio, as well as various local television outlets. She has been a panelist at the World Conference on Science and Technology Education, the National Science Teachers Association and the International Conference on New Perspectives in Science Education, among others.