A World War II terror of the Atlantic was about to meet its match.

On June 4, 1944, a German submarine was prowling the waters off the West African coast for American and Allied ships. Part of a U-boat fleet terrorizing the Atlantic, this submarine was known as U-505. But on this day, the U-505 had just become the hunted.

U-505 Submarine and interactive exhibits
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An Epic Underwater Story

For weeks, a U.S. Navy Task Group had tracked a shadowy U-boat. Despite a crack team and the latest technology, the Task Group was unable to pinpoint their elusive prey. Low on fuel, the frustrated captain had just called off the search when … there was something on the sonar.

Finding and destroying the sub would save Allied lives and supplies; capturing it could help win the war by cracking the U-boat mystery—but only if the Germans thought the sub had sunk. Securing the U-505 and keeping the capture secret was the key.

How do you hide something the length
of a city block, weighing three times
the Statue of Liberty?
More about the exhibit
Museum guests viewing U-505 Submarine exhibit

Experience the only German sub in the U.S. in this dramatic exhibit and national war memorial to American sailors.

The U-505 submarine has amazed Museum guests since 1954, and now has a captivating exhibit to match its scale and dramatic capture. How did U-boat technology work? What was life like on the sub? How was the capture kept secret? This riveting wartime story comes alive.

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