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Bringing It Together

Walkable World

Imagine being able to walk to the grocery store, the library, your school or job, and your favorite pizza place without having to travel far from where you lived. When the things you want are close by, you don’t need to get in the car to get there. Well-designed cities can be beautiful and fun to live in while saving energy by taking energy-wasting cars off the road.

Global Innovation

Walking Around the World

Through their Making Walking Count project, the international organization Walk21 strives to help cities and communities build a more walkable way of life. Cities around the world can assess how walkable they are using Walk 21’s standards, and use that information to improve even further. So far, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Canberra have been benchmarked through this project, with additional audits conducted in Stuttgart and New York City.

Alex Steffen’s TEDGlobal talk on how cities can make—and are making—green improvements that also expand our access to the things we want and need.