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Team up to save energy in the Simulation Lab.

The centerpiece of Future Energy Chicago is an interactive Simulation Lab challenging teams to reimagine and reinvent Chicago’s energy landscape. Trading off in a collaborative series of mini-games, teams work to maximize their energy efficiency while managing the trade-offs of their choices.

Using real-world information and data from across the subjects it covers, the Simulation Lab is grounded in the ways energy works in our lives, and is updated to reflect current prices and conditions. Watch the score updates after each round: with enough total energy savings, together the teams might just beat the final high score.



Play the role of an energy consultant as your team explores a virtual house, inside and out, to find energy savings.

Try urban planning: arrange homes, schools and businesses to minimize commutes and maximize efficiency.

    Be tomorrow's automobile engineer: modify options like engine types and body materials to see energy savings.

      As power engineers, your team selects sources to meet energy demand, cut pollution and stay on budget.

        Create a transit network of buses, trains and bike paths to reduce traffic, link destinations and improve city life.

        The Simulation Lab is available at select times during the day. It requires an additional timed-entry ticket.