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save a ton when you

Tread Lighter

There are many ways to save one metric ton of CO2.

it's a gas, gas, gas ... saver

Travel Lighter

Everyone likes to travel. Help a ton by taking these challenges:

  • Save 113 gallons of gas, or about 10 fill-ups at the gas station.
    Over a year, you could save that much by grouping your errands together and skipping unneeded trips.
  • Keep on driving, but switch to a vehicle that gets better mileage. For example, you could switch from one that gets 20 MPG to one that gets 25 MPG. Easy!
  • While you're at it, why stop at merely 25 MPG? Options for even better mileage are out there.
  • Take public transit for some trips. (No need to park or lock your car.)
reuse, recycle and

Reduce Stuff

Who says you need to buy new stuff? Try FreeBox, Craigslist or bartering. Take action! Each of the changes below prevents one metric ton of CO2 from getting into the air (the math):

  • Recycle or compost 586 lbs. (about 6 full cans) of garbage, rather than sending it to a landfill. 
  • Upgrade your lights. Converting 32 incandescent light bulbs to LEDs saves money over time, not to mention the climate.
  • Why not plant a tree to mark the next special milestone? Planting and growing 24 tree seedlings for 10 years locks up a whole metric ton of CO2, and provides pleasant shade.