Tinker and explore like engineers in new Live Science Experiences created just for the Spring Make Festival. 

Failure Is an Option!

Daily, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Rotunda, Main Level 2

In this 20-minute live stage show, discover how engineers test and modify their designs. You’ll be challenged to improve a skyscraper so that it can survive a wind test. Then, work together to modify the skyscraper as you use the engineering design process and celebrate the iterative nature of making.

Live Science Experiences

Daily, throughout the day
Main Level 2

Look for our hands-on cart activities. Designing On The Fly invites you to create and modify an object to test in a vertical wind tunnel. Deconstructed asks you to figure out how an everyday item works by taking it apart and brainstorming ways to make it better.

Part of the Spring Make Festival

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A large group of kids sit and react to a live science experiment