The Vital Importance of Science

At the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, we are guided by our mission and responsibility to build public understanding of science, show how science impacts our society and inspire everyone to think critically about the world around us. 

Recently there’s been increased public discourse and even questioning about the importance and integrity of science. Fundamental principles of scientific investigation and discovery are being questioned, as is the validity of science as a tool that can help shape policy and contribute to the wellbeing of everyone in our society and around the world.

In the midst of this discourse, we are committed to working harder than ever to champion science because science is vitally important to our every day life. Science – along with technology, engineering and math – has made invaluable contributions to the world as we know it today. It has allowed us to live longer, explore new galaxies and care for our planet, driving global economies and creating entire industries along the way. And thanks to curious minds, innovation continues, making critical advancements to help us live better today and inspiring opportunities for the next generation.

It is for these reasons that we remain relentless in our pursuit of our vision to inspire and motivate our children to achieve their full potential in science, technology, engineering and math. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to remove barriers to scientific education so every child develops the critical thinking skills necessary to help solve our greatest challenges and be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

Above all, MSI remains unwavering in our commitment to encourage rigorous public discussion on thought-provoking scientific subjects and continues to be a welcoming and respectful place for all to celebrate and be inspired by science.