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Our worldwide levels of curiosity are at an all-time low. Attention spans are shrinking.

We look more at our screens than at each other.

We accept too much at face value. We're not pursuing answers beyond the first entry that comes up in a search.

Curiosity needs to make a major comeback.

We need it now more than ever. We need to protect it. Help it grow and thrive.

And we need to ask questions.

Powerful ones, like, "Why?" "What if?" "Is that true?" "Are you sure?" And "How can we make it better?"

We need to celebrate all questions. The ones that may be best answered by another question. The ones that make you question the one asking the questions. The ones that eventually make a whole lot of sense to be asking.

Curiosity is what drives society forward. It is the lifeblood of all human progress.

So let's raise our national curiosity levels once again. And together, let's ensure curiosity does not become an endangered species in our lifetime.

Join us.