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Our vision: To inspire and motivate our children to achieve their full potential in the fields of science, technology, medicine and engineering.

Welcome to Science Initiative

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The Welcome to Science Initiative helps children achieve their full potential in science by creating learning experiences inside and outside the classroom and removing barriers that exclude them from participating. Our unique youth-centered approach means we support students and everyone involved in their success -- families, educators, schools and communities -- in these ways:

  1. Improve the quality of science teaching in schools.
    We provide skills and resources to teachers, administrators and schools through graduate-level professional development courses and support for whole-school improvement in science.
  2. Connect science to children wherever they are.
    We support science programming in neighborhoods and outside the classroom with out-of-school-time programs like after-school science clubs, weekend youth programs and summer learning opportunities, along with engaging field trip experiences such as curriculum-linked Learning Labs and hands-on workshops that inspire creativity and innovation.
  3. Showcase diversity in STEM fields.
    We introduce youth to a range of STEM professionals -- people who look like they do, and come from communities like theirs -- at intimate discussions, large-scale events, specialized programming and throughout Museum exhibits.