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Below is a selected list of recent publications.

  • Gloria Segovia, Brett Nicholas, Christine Nguyen, and C. Aaron Price (2020). Facilitator Affect in a Drop-In, Teen-Led Community Service Learning Program. (PDF)
  • Falk, J. H, Koke, J., Price, C. A. & Pattison, S. (2018). Investigating the cascading, long term effects of informal science education experiences report. Beaverton, Oregon: Institute for Learning Innovation. (PDF)
  • Price, C. A. & Vaishampayan, G. (2018, October). Motivations and Evidence for Science Center-Based Teacher Education. Poster session presented at the Association of Science and Technology Centers, Hartford, CT. (PDF)
  • Price, C. A. & Chiu, A. (2018). An experimental study of a museum-based, science PD program’s impact on teachers and their students. International Journal of Science Education. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/09500693.2018.1457816 (PDF)
  • Price, C. A., Kares, F. K., Segovia, G. & Lloyd, A. B. (2018). Staff Matter: Gender differences in STEM career interest development in adolescent youth. Applied Developmental Science. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/10888691.2017.1398090 (PDF)
  • Price, C. A., Gean, K. G., Christenson, C. G., Behesti, E., Pernot, B., et al. (2016). Casual Games and Casual Learning about Human Biological Systems. Journal of Science Education and  
    , 25, 1. (Link)
  • Price, C. A., Gean, K. G., & Barnes, H. (2015). The effect of live interpretation with theatre on attitudes and learning of children in the Mythbusters exhibit. Journal of Museum Education, 40, 2. (PDF)
  • Chiu, A., Price, C.A., & Ovrahim, E. (2015). Chicago-Area K-8 Teacher and Administrator Perceptions of STEM Education. Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. (PDF)
  • Chiu, A., Price, C.A., & Ovrahim, E. (2015). Supporting Elementary and Middle School STEM Education at the Whole School Level: A review of the literature. Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. (PDF)
  • Segovia, G. & Pernot, B. (2015). Demographic differences between museum-based fab lab attendees and non-attendees. Poster presented at the 2015 Conference of the Visitor Studies Association, Indianapolis, IN. (PDF)
  • Price, C. A., Pernot, B., Segovia, G. & Gean, K. (2015). Engineering attitudes, habits of mind and design awareness in a fab lab maker space summer camp. Paper presented at the 2015 conference of the National Research in Science Teaching, Chicago, IL. (PDF)