We are postponing this conference until June 2021.

No firm dates have been set. If you have any questions or would like to receive updates about the conference timeline, please email us at Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you next year!

June 25–27, 2020

Fusing Equity and Whole-School STEM Models

Preliminary Program

Day One: Thursday, June 25

Morning (Chaired by Melanie LaForce)

  • Welcome remarks and introductory poster session.
  • Discussion around commonalities and differences that can be identified across existing whole-school STEM models.

Afternoon (Chaired by Rachel Roegman)

  • Discussion around known equitable practices at the whole-school level.

Day Two: Friday, June 26

Morning (Chaired by Decoteau Irby)

  • Discussion around barriers associated with understanding the intersection between equity and whole-school STEM programs/models.

Afternoon (Chaired by Rex Babiera)

  • Museum exploration break.
  • Discussion around applying culturally relevant pedagogy at the whole school level to support K-12 students through STEM pathways.

Day Three: Saturday, June 27

Morning (Chaired by C. Aaron Price)

  • Exploring ways to empirically understand the relationship between equity and STEM at the whole-school level. (Led by John Settlage and Robert Tai)
  • Revisit and update the poster session.
  • Closing remarks.

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