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Research and Evaluation

The Museum has more than a decade of work in program and exhibit evaluation. Our strong research and evaluation strategies support the development and refinement of Museum-wide educational initiatives. We routinely modify and improve our programs to incorporate what we learn from evaluation. In addition to robust internal review, we measure the impact on the audiences we serve through rigorous research approaches that help advance the field of science education.

Team members

The team consists of six full-time staff:

  • Aaron Price, Ph.D. (director, research and evaluation)
  • Lauren R. Applebaum, Ph.D. (senior evaluator)
  • Jana Greenslit, M.A. (evaluator)
  • Natalie Harris (evaluation and research coordinator)
  • Alison L. Mroczkowski, Ph.D. (researcher and project manager)
  • Gloria Segovia, B.A. (evaluator)
  • Gauri Vaishampayan, Ph.D. (cand.) (evaluator)

Active projects

Current key activities include studies of the Museum's teacher professional development courses, student Learning Labs, the Wanger Family Fab Lab, Black Creativity programs and after-school Science Minors Clubs.

The Museum has recently launched a five-year, National Science Foundation-funded study to investigate the long term impacts of the Science Minors and Achievers program on their alumni.

We previously worked with researchers at Michigan State University to study the impact of the Museum's teacher courses on teacher and student achievement. Read the report (PDF) from the Education Policy Center at Michigan State University.

External research at MSI

We welcome external investigators who wish to conduct research related to Museum programs or spaces. Learn more about our policies (PDF). If you would like to discuss conducting a study at the Museum, please contact us.


Below is a selected list of recent publications.

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  • Price, C. A., Kares, F. K., Segovia, G. & Lloyd, A. B. (2018). Staff Matter: Gender differences in STEM career interest development in adolescent youth. Applied Developmental Science. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/10888691.2017.1398090 (PDF)
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