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Get Re-Energized

Explore how motion, heat, electricity and chemical reactions can be understood through energy concepts such as energy transfer and conversion and potential and kinetic energy.

Teachers will:

  • Participate in a supported learning community alongside your peers to build content and pedagogical knowledge and skills. (Common to all courses)
  • Experience phenomena driven lessons which model three dimensional NGSS teaching and learning appropriate for 3rd–8th grade students. (Common to all courses)
  • Explore different types of energy including mechanical, electrical, thermal, sound and light.
  • Build an understanding of energy by making connections between the various types of energy.
  • Understand that energy is neither created nor destroyed.
  • Learn that most energy can be divided into either kinetic or potential energy.

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas

PS1: Matter and its interactions

  • PS1.A: Structures and properties of matter
  • PS1.B: Chemical reactions

PS2: Motion and stability: forces and interactions

  • PS2.B: Types of interactions

PS3: Energy

  • PS3.A: Definitions of energy
  • PS3.B: Conservation of energy and energy transfer
  • PS3.C: Relationship between energy and forces
  • PS3.D: Energy in chemical processes and every day life

LS1: From molecules to organisms: structures and processes

  • LS1.C: Organization for matter and energy flow in organisms

ETS1: Engineering design

  • ETS1.A: Defining and delimiting engineering problems
  • ETS1.B: Developing possible solutions
  • ETS1.C: Optimizing the design solution

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