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Teacher Courses

physical science

Energy: Transfer and Transformation in Systems

Explore how a deeper understanding of energy transfer and transformations allows us to effectively explain phenomena, predict change and identify solutions in natural and designed systems.

Summer 2021 course will be July 12–16 and a virtual format.

Teachers will:

  • Participate in a supported learning community alongside your peers to build content and pedagogical knowledge and skills. (Common to all courses)
  • Experience phenomena driven lessons which model three dimensional NGSS teaching and learning appropriate for students in grades 4-8. (Common to all courses)
  • Explore different ways that energy can be transferred and transformed among various forms of energy, such as kinetic and potential energy. 
  • Explore how energy is a powerful crosscutting concept that allows scientists to better understand the behavior of natural and designed systems in order to solve problems. 
  • Learn how to address student misconceptions about energy in order to foster conceptual change in their learnings. 
  • Learn how to engage students in relevant inquiry-based experiences in order to support a deeper conceptual understanding of energy. 

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas

PS2: Motion and stability: forces and interactions

  • PS2.B: Types of interactions

PS3: Energy

  • PS3.A: Definitions of energy
  • PS3.B: Conservation of energy and energy transfer
  • PS3.C: Relationship between energy and forces
  • PS3.D: Energy in chemical processes and everyday life

LS1: From molecules to organisms: structures and processes

  • LS1.C: Organization for matter and energy flow in organisms

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