Foundations of NGSS Curriculum Alignment

Teachers enhance their capacity to integrate Next Generation Science Standards-aligned instruction across grade levels.

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About the course

This five-day course allows participants to:

  • Learn, through modeling and practice, an unpacking process for NGSS Performance Expectations that leads to the development of lesson-level, 3D objectives to support clarity in the teaching and learning process.
  • Develop an understanding of the value of the Performance Expectation unpacking and storyline creation process to achieve the goals of the NGSS.
  • Create a 3D unit blueprint and consider coherent storyline options for a single unit of instruction.
  • Plan for a vertical alignment progression between consecutive grade levels to support the learning progressions within NGSS. 
  • Increase capacity to assess alignment of instructional materials to NGSS across the three integrated dimensions and the use of phenomenon driven inquiry.
  • Build a community of learners to share best practices and lessons learned from implementation efforts, and to serve as resources for each other.

Note: This course does not provide a complete NGSS curriculum.

This course is designed for science teachers, curriculum specialists or administrators from 3rd through 8th grade who have some familiarity with curriculum design, science content knowledge, and the NGSS expectations for science teaching and learning.

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