Fab Lab Summer Camp

Calling all young makers, tinkerers and inventors! Our Wanger Family Fab Lab Summer Camp is where science, art and creativity are combined with technology, innovation and fun!

  • About Fab Lab Summer Camp

    Campers will explore, discover and re-imagine their world by designing and making their own unique projects. Each morning, campers will be introduced to new fabrication techniques in 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, computer-controlled milling, digital embroidery and more. Each afternoon, campers will apply what they learn to make their ideas real.

    Guided by Wanger Family Fab Lab staff, new campers will explore projects from a list of activities that build upon each other. They will have opportunities to imagine, design, fabricate and share their projects with their peers. Returning campers can re-explore these projects in more depth, or create new projects of their own design that are fueled by their imaginations.

    Working both independently and collaboratively, campers will experience a safe and welcoming environment that encourages risk-taking, determination, resilience and curiosity, helping them discover who they are and how they can change the world by developing their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Fab Lab Summer Camp fosters a child’s creative imagination and allows them to look at themselves, each other and their world in new ways.

Registration opens soon

Details and registration for Fab Lab Summer Camp 2020 opens soon!