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About the Wanger Family Fab Lab

The Museum houses a state-of-the-art digital fabrication laboratory called the Wanger Family Fab Lab, a small-scale workshop for computer-based innovation, design and fabrication. The Fab Lab allows you to dream up, design and make almost anything you can imagine using cutting-edge software and equipment.

MSI’s Wanger Family Fab Lab is one of more than hundreds of such labs worldwide. They began as a community outreach program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and have spread worldwide to rural India, Africa, Europe and across America. All Fab Labs share software, equipment and core capabilities, so that people and projects can be shared among all sites. Fab Lab users engage in problem-based learning and hands-on fabrication, becoming innovators of new projects and prototypes for limitless use and application.

MSI’s Fab Lab offers the Dream It, Design It, Fab It! program for Museum guests. Interested teens in our Science Achievers youth development program learn advanced skills and have developed prototypes of activities that are featured in Museum exhibits. Shortly after the Fab Lab opened in 2007, MSI hosted Fab4, the Fourth International Fab Lab Forum and Symposium on Digital Fabrication. 

Programming in the Fab Lab serves youth and family audiences in structured workshops and programs. We are unfortunately unable to accommodate personal, corporate or independent projects at this time.

Wanger Family Fab Lab Public Programs
Stop by the Fab Lab to create a personalized item during one of our workshops.
Summer Camp
Our summer camps invite youth ages 10-13 (entering grades 6 - 8) to spend a week in the Fab Lab making and exploring digital design and fabrication.

What's Here

  • Design Circle: twelve CAD workstations (Win7/Linux)  |  video preview
  • Electronics workshop  |  video preview
  • Large CNC machine - Shopbot PRStandard  |  video preview
  • 3D printers  |  video preview
    - Stratasys Prodigy Plus (1), MakerBot Replicator 2 (6), Stratasys uPrint SE Plus (1), Up! Personal Portable 3D Printer (1)
  • Epilog mini laser cutter 35 watts (2)  |  video preview
  • Roland CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 desktop vinyl cutter  |  video preview
  • Roland Modela MDX-20 mini CNC machine (2)  |  video preview

What Can You Do in the Fab Lab?

  • Make almost anything, from t-shirts to furniture to robots
  • Collaborate with other Fab Labs and design offsite using open-source software
  • Learn digital design tools used by experts in the field
  • Have hands-on access to fabrication machinery
  • Become an expert volunteer

Contact Us

Email fablab(at) for tours, upcoming opportunities and events, and information on how to volunteer in the lab.


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