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Robot Revolution

Opens May 21, 2015

Exhibit Essentials

This exhibit is suitable for all ages.

They’re coming … and they’ll be here to help and improve our lives. The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI), is excited to announce the creation of a new national touring exhibit, Robot Revolution, supported by Google.

This exhibit, set to premiere on May 21, 2015, will explore how robots, created by human ingenuity, will ultimately be our companions and colleagues, changing how we play, live and work together. The exhibit will allow guests to step into a visionary world where robots are not just a curiosity, but a vital asset. Guests will have extraordinary opportunities to interact with robots that have rarely been shown to the public before!

The exhibit will feature five areas that delve into various aspects of robotics and offer specific hands-on activities for guests:

  • Cooperation: Discover how robots can work with humans effectively to assist us and enhance our lives.
  • Smarts: Identify how these machines are able to sense, plan and then act, while comparing and contrasting the ways in which humans and robots learn.
  • Skills: Learn about the skills robots possess that mimic—and often surpass—human capabilities. Put your abilities to the test against robot counterparts.
  • Locomotion: Explore the varieties of ways that robots can move and how they can offer humans access to places we can’t venture ourselves.
  • Build-a-Bot: Assemble the basic components of robots and see what you can get them to do!

Robot Revolution
will come to life with about 40 robots that have been secured from some of the most innovative global robotics companies and universities. Guests will be awed by the amazing breakthroughs and capabilities of these machines. Activities in each of the content areas will allow guests to:

  • Teach a robotic arm new movements to learn more about programming
  • See a model of a robot exoskeleton that helps people increase their physical abilities
  • Put your abilities to the test and experiment with various robot grippers
  • Meet Baxter, a versatile robot that is perfect for working in industry alongside people
  • Offer instructions to a “swarm” of robots that can communicate with each other
  • Get charmed by PARO, the furry baby seal robot, which is used as a therapy tool for both the elderly and autistic children
  • Move the TOPY Crawler up and down stairs. This robot is able to venture into burning buildings, and other places too dangerous for people to enter

Robot Revolution will premiere at MSI on May 21, 2015.

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  • Daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas
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Robot Revolution will go on a limited North American tour from 2016 through 2020. If you are interested in hosting Robot Revolution, email us for more information.

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