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All Aboard the Silver Streak: Pioneer Zephyr

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This exhibit is suitable for all ages.
20 minutes
Entry Hall, Pioneer Zephyr
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All Aboard the Silver Streak invites you to go back in time—to May 26, 1934—as a passenger on the Pioneer Zephyr. You won't want to miss this record-breaking "ride" from Denver to Chicago. On your 20-minute guided tour, you will explore the baggage, smoking, passenger and observation compartments of the Pioneer Zephyr. You can also view the engineer’s cab, supplemented by a computer interactive that allows you to "drive" the Pioneer Zephyr. The exhibit also features newsreel footage that will take you back to 1934.

Stationed along the platform, as well as on the shelter’s floor level, you'll be invited to interact with displays on the technology and history of the Pioneer Zephyr. There are science interactives such as demonstrations on diesel-electric transmissions, compression ignition, center of gravity and streamlining.

Guided tour times are subject to change and may not be available during all Museum hours.


How To

Build an Electric Motor
Magnets and electricity work together to make an electric motor.

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  • Daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas
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