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This exhibit is suitable for Grades 4-8, Grades 9-12, Adults.
Lower Level, Henry Crown Space Center
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From rockets, to shuttles, to satellites, rovers and probes, the Henry Crown Space Center covers it all as it takes you on a new journey to the “final frontier.” This recently renovated exhibit space offers an expanded and more interactive exploration of the space program, from the early years of the Space Race to what our future in space will hold. 

How did we manage to land—and walk—on the moon? Who were the brave men who first ventured into space? What can we learn from sending rovers to Mars and the probes to the rings of Saturn?  Will you ever buy a ticket to the Moon? New interactive units, displays and artifacts will help you answer these questions. 

Learn how the lunar landing almost failed; try to “dock” at the International Space Station; and remote control your own Mars Rover. Favorite artifacts like the Apollo 8 spacecraft and the Apollo 11 training mock-up remain, while amazing new artifacts, like a model for an inflatable Moon base, illustrate the upcoming technologies and realities of human space exploration.

The Henry Crown Space Center also features Chicago’s only five-story, domed, wraparound movie screen. See the show times of our current Omnimax films.

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