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The centerpiece of Future Energy Chicago is an interactive, multiplayer simulation game that challenges you to reimagine and reinvent Chicago’s energy landscape. Working in teams in this collaborative and competitive experience, you'll compete to maximize energy efficiency while keeping in mind the real-world trade-offs of your choices. Using real-world information and data from across the subjects it covers, the simulation game is grounded in the ways energy works in our lives, and can be updated to reflect current prices and conditions. Watch your team's results in real time—if your team ends the game with the most energy left in your tank, you win!

The simulation game requires an additional ticket, which can be added to a Museum Explorer Ticket package. The simulation is a timed-entry experience available only at certain times during the day.

Future House
Play the role of an energy consultant as your team explores a virtual house, inside and out, to find energy savings. From roofing to reading lights, your job is to find the household objects—some hiding in plain sight—that are using or losing energy. Choose the options and upgrades that will balance lifestyle, efficiency and cost.
    Future Energy: Future Car
    Future Car
    Become the automobile engineer of the future: choose between engine types, body materials and transmission options, and discover the true energy impact of personal accessories like heated seats and even paint color. Put your car to an animated test drive and learn how your energy choices compare to current models.
      Future Neighborhood
      Try your hand at urban planning: arrange homes, schools, businesses and stores in ways that minimize commutes and maximize time and energy efficiency. As more destinations become centralized and walkable, you'll see the amount of driving go down and energy savings go up.
        Future Transportation
        Reinvent the public transit system: from a birds'-eye view, your team works to create a network of buses, trains and bike paths that reduce traffic, connect important destinations and improve city life. Within your transportation budget, keep your city on track with the most efficient system possible.
          Future Power
          Find energy for the city of tomorrow: as power engineers, your team chooses from sources old and new to meet the city's energy needs, while reducing pollution and staying on budget. You'll receive further cutting-edge technologies as the game progresses, but pollution limits will also get lower.

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