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Challenge your friends to a milking contest! Put your milking skills to the test with a faux cow and a timer.

Take a look in the cow shed to learn more about how milk gets from a cow into our refrigerator.

Learn how the versatile soy bean is used in everything from food, to cleaning products, to building materials.

When you have thousands of cows, you have a LOT of poop. Find out how farms are converting Poop to Power.

Climb aboard a Deere & Co. tractor and see the new technologies that make life much easier for today's farmer.

Learn how farmers and scientists are improving crops and plants with hybrids, organic farming and hydroponics.

Put yourself in the driver's seat of a real combine. See the inner workings of this versatile farm machine.

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This exhibit is suitable for all ages.
Lower Level, Farm Tech
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It takes a lot of food to feed the world's people, and as our population has grown so have our farms. But farms haven't only gotten bigger—they've gotten smarter. Farmers are constantly developing cutting-edge techniques using automation, chemistry, genetics, agriculture, and engineering to make farming more efficient and better for the environment.

Here at Farm Tech you can explore the newest innovations farmers use all over the world to deliver your favorite foods to your table.

Highlights of the exhibit will challenge you to out-milk members of your group using new robotic milking technology; learn how farmers turn poop into power; steer a tractor and combine; and see how GPS (Global Positioning System) plays and important role in today’s farms.

We are pleased to acknowledge and to extend sincere appreciation to the many generous donors to the Farm Tech exhibit including ADM, Deere & Company, and Fair Oaks.

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  • Daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas
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