Museum of Science and Industry

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

October 1, 2008 - March 2, 2009

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This exhibit is suitable for all ages.
Lower Level, Lower Court West
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This temporary exhibit features a collection of 20 mechanical sculptures, called automata, which are intricately designed and full of humor. Their humor is brought to life by tiny cranks, pulleys and gears that allow the sculptures to move and take action. Guests will find it hard to resist bringing the creations to life at the touch of a button. Upon first glance, the automata are curious objects with a playful demeanor, but when the gears and pulleys move into action, the simple yet remarkable mechanics are revealed.



How To

Build a Lever
See how simple machines like a lever can help us do work.

How To

Build a Roller Coaster
Learn about energy as you send a marble through a roller coaster that you design.

Museum Hours
  • Daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas
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Museum Location
Museum of Science+Industry
5700 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60637
1 (773) 684-1414
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