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Animal Inside Out

March 14, 2013 - September 2, 2013

Animal Facts

Some inside knowledge for viewing ANIMAL INSIDE OUT:

  • While octopuses have eight arms, they do have a “favorite” arm, which they use more frequently.
  • Very strong muscles in the back of an ostrich’s legs allow them to run fast. Long elastic ligaments act like springs and allow the animal to regain energy every time their feet push of the ground.
  • Biologically, sheep are counted among the goat species. Although they look quite different, there is no significant difference in the internal structure of the organs, bones and muscles of the two.
  • The hooves of the reindeer adapt to the changing seasons. In summer, when the soil is moist and soft, the hooves are spongy and elastic. In winter, they shrink and condense, and the edges become sharp. This keeps the animal from sinking into snow and ice.
  • A rabbit’s hind legs are designed for jumping, with short thighs and the bones of the lower leg (fibula and tibia) combined into one strong bone.
  • Mackerel, unlike any other species, are likely to die if their incredibly thin and specialized skin is touched by human hands. It is theorized this may be because of the oils in human hands.
  • The arteries in a giraffe’s neck have special valves that ensure the animal will not suffer from brain damage when lowering its head.
  • Bulls, like all cattle, are red-green colorblind. People often think it’s the red of the cape that causes a bull to charge at a matador, but it’s actually the movement of the cape.
  • A mammalian heart will beat about 1.5 billion times in its lifespan. Bigger animals have a slower metabolism, and have a lower pulse, thus they tend to have longer lifespans.


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