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Member FAQ and Services

New Membership

  • Can I apply the costs of a Museum visit toward the cost of a membership?

    Yes! Museum Entry (only) can be applied toward the purchase of a new membership, up to one week from your original Museum visit. You will receive credit for up to two adults for Individual Levels and two adults and up to four of your children for Household Levels.

    For example:

    • A family of two adults and their five children visit MSI, accompanied by two cousins, on January 1
    • The family purchases Museum Entry and Coal Mine tickets during their visit
    • The family purchases a Household Level membership on January 5

    In this scenario, the family will receive credit for Museum Entry costs for two adults and four of their children. Museum Entry costs for their fifth child and two cousins, as well as the costs of all Coal Mine tickets, would not be applied to the cost of membership.

  • What types of memberships do you offer and how much do they cost?

    The Museum offers multiple membership levels, so there’s bound to be one that’s right for you!

  • How can I purchase a membership?

    We offer three easy ways to become a member:

    • Online. You will receive a confirmation email that you can print and bring to the Membership Service Desk in the Entry Hall. Become a member online.
    • Onsite. You will receive a temporary card to use until your permanent card arrives.
    • Phone. You will be given a transaction number you can use to verify your membership at the Membership Service Desk in the Entry Hall.
  • If I purchase a membership today, when can I begin using it?

    You can begin using your membership immediately—and we hope you do! If you purchase online or by phone and visit the same day, just bring your confirmation email or proof of purchase confirmation number and you will be provided with a temporary card. If you purchase your membership onsite at the Museum, you will be issued a temporary card once your transaction is complete.

  • I'm planning to visit the Museum for the first time since becoming a member. What do I do?

    Skip the lines! As long as you bring your membership card, valid photo ID and any additional tickets you may have purchased in advance (printed or on your mobile device), you can go straight to the entry check point at the top of the escalators leading into the Museum. If you need to purchase tickets onsite or need additional assistance, visit the Membership Service Desk in the Entry Hall. If you have your member ID and card you can also purchase tickets at the self-service kiosks located by the Museum store in the Entry Hall. 

  • How long is my membership valid?

    Membership is valid for one full year and expires on the last day of the purchased month.

    If you are renewing, your new membership year will begin on the first day of the month after your current membership expires.

    There's never a penalty for renewing early and your benefits will be extended for another year from the original expiration date. For example, if your membership expires on August 31 and you renew on July 15, your next membership year will still begin on September 1 (not July 15).

  • Do you offer teacher discounts on membership?

    Yes, Illinois teachers receive a $20 discount off all regular membership levels, when they present a valid employment ID. The discount does not apply to gift memberships and cannot be combined with other promotional offers. 

  • Do you offer student or senior discounts on membership?

    Seniors and students receive $20 off the Individual Level or Individual Premium Level memberships only, when they present a valid photo or student ID. The discount does not apply to gift memberships and cannot be combined with other promotional offers. 

  • How do I purchase a gift membership?

    You may purchase a gift membership online, by phone at (773) 947-3161 or in person at the Membership Service Desk in the Entry Hall or the Members Lounge on the Main Level.


Using Your Membership

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