RMS Titanic Inc., Online - the actual organization that has exclusive rights to the RMS Titanic. Site includes a very detailed history about the crew, the design of the ship and its fateful journey.

Encyclopedia Titanica - Complete reference and informative guide to everything you wanted to know about the Titanic

The Titanic Resource
- Deals with different topics about the Titanic, such as design, its origin, on board the Titanic, how it sank, and moden theories
on what caused the wreck

The Life & Death of the RMS Titanic - Covers all aspects of the Titanic, from its construction to her final moments, and recent journeys to the wreck. Includes profiles of those aboard the Titanic.

The Unsinkable RMS Titanic - examines the events around the disaster, possible causes, and information on icebergs.

Titanic & Other White Star Ships- see maps of the disaster area, examine cargo and crew manifests, and much more. A very detailed site on the RMS Titanic and the company who built it.

Titanic-The Search For Answers - looks at the human side of this great tragedy with emphasis placed on the lives of the passengers and crew. Also includes a glossary of nautical terms and unique photographs not seen on any other website.

Titanic Radio Page
- The actual messages transmitted between the Titanic and other ships. Includes an overview of the "wireless" technology used aboard the Titanic, and biographical sketches and photos of the radio officers and the radio room.

Discovery Channel: Titanic
-Raising a Legend Online - photographs and detailed information on the various marine technologies used to salvage the remains of the Titanic and a virtual tour of the Titanic with 3-D renderings and movies.

Brett's RMS Titanic Page - a very easy to navigate site with a tour section, that allows visitors to look at photographs of the different parts of the Titanic.

3D Titanic - Great renderings of the ship, ornaments and structures aboard.

Titanic- The Legend Below - information on the construction, design, maiden voyage, and the disaster of the Titanic with impressive photographs and articles.

The Eastland Disaster of 1915 - learn about one of the most tragic marine disasters that has occured in the US. Plenty of background information on the Eastland, including pictures and investigations on what might have gone wrong.

Eastland Memorial Society- pays tribute to the lives lost aboard the Eastland. Site included biographies, passenger lists, newspaper headlines and a
gallery of photographs.

Eastland Disaster Historical Society - detailed information on the passengers aboard the Eastland, how it was constructed and what flaws might have
led to the accident. Also included are photographs of the disaster and its artifacts, as well as personal recollections of the tragedy.

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