Personal possessions like this heart-shaped pendant preserve unknown personal histories that are a part of the legacy of the ship.

Bowlers Hat

Cabin doorknob

Ship barometer


Man's work boot

Explore the largest exhibit of Titanic artifacts ever assembled. Over 300 authentic artifacts recovered from the Titanic's wreck site at over 12,000 feet below the North Atlantic will be featured.

Between September 6 and October 9, you will have the opportunity to see a dozen artifacts recently recovered from the ocean floor on Expedition 2000. These pieces have never been displayed before.

Feel the impact as you view these wonderful treasures. Learn the stories wrapped around these relics and the legacies of those who left them behind. They are compelling, personal, lovely and completely unforgettable.

Besides the items shown here, the exhibit also includes the ship's navigational bridge telegraph used to communicate the ship's speed, a navigational compass, a complete bathroom sink from a 1st class cabin, an unknown passenger's suit of clothes, eyeglasses in their case, corked champagne bottles,, silver dinnerware, fine china, gold coins, jewelry, personal letters and much more.

One of the most important pieces in the exhibit is a part of the hull measuring 26 by 20 feet. It is the largest piece of Titanic that will, in all likelihood, ever be recovered from the wreck.

Thoughout the exhibition, Titanic's artifacts will be intertwined with full sensory displays that place the relics in a context to convey the experience of those aboard Titanic.

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Photography by Dirk Fletcher

Through October 9!

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Ship's bell



Stick pin with fox's head

Travel clock

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