Titanic: The New Exhibition returns with more incredible recreations of Titanic’s luxurious accommodations.

First Class Corridor, Cabin, and Gallery - The cabin contains recreations of Titanic’s furniture, clothing and personal belongings of first class passengers among personal artifacts from first class passengers.

Grand Staircase - . The artifacts displayed here are some of the first items ever recovered from the Grand Staircase, some of which have never before been on public display.

Veranda Café - One of Titanic’s first class restaurants, the Veranda Café features first class china, crystal, dinnerware and silverware.

The Promenade Deck - Look up and gaze at the same bright star field Titanic passengers saw in 1912; look down and see the dark calm of the North Atlantic.

The Bridge - Stand on the bridge of the Titanic and hear the ringing of Titanic’s bell in the distance.

View these recreations along with several more at Titanic: The New Exhibition

The Grand Staircase as it appeared on the Titanic

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