RMS Titanic Inc., Online - the actual organization that has exclusive rights to the RMS Titanic. Site includes a very detailed history about the crew, the design of the ship and its fateful journey.

Encyclopedia Titanica - Complete reference and informative guide to everything you wanted to know about the Titanic

The Unsinkable RMS Titanic - examines the events around the disaster, possible causes, and information on icebergs.

Titanic & Other White Star Ships- see maps of the disaster area, examine cargo and crew manifests, and much more. A very detailed site on the RMS Titanic and the company who built it.

Brett's RMS Titanic Page - a very easy to navigate site with a tour section, that allows visitors to look at photographs of the different parts of the Titanic.

3D Titanic - Great renderings of the ship, ornaments and structures aboard.

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