The Genius of Leonardo

By Guido Visconti, illustrated by Bimba Landmann.
Barefoot Books, 2000
Ages 9-12

The many fascinating quotes in this book from da Vinci’s own writings give incredible insight into the amazing man’s life and work.

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Da Vinci

By Mike Venezia
Children’s Press, 1989
Ages 8-11

This lighthearted look back into history enables young minds to see Leonardo in a new light.

Giants of Science: Leonardo da Vinci

By Kathleen Krull, illustrated by Boris Kulikov
Viking, 2005
Ages 10-13

From being a lonely child with a seemingly unlimited sense of curiosity, Leonardo grew up to be a famous man who explored and explained things that no one else could.

Leonardo, Beautiful Dreamer

By Robert Byrd
Dutton, 2003
Ages 9-12

This wonderful biography shares all aspects of da Vinci's life, work, and dreams in a style as colorful and dynamic as the Renaissance man himself.

Leonardo da Vinci

By Diane Stanley
Morrow, 1996
Ages 9-13

With superb artwork and fascinating words, this is a magnificent look at the life, times, art, and science of the Italian Renaissance master.

Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance in World History

By Allison Lassieur
Enslow, 2000
Ages 12-14

While he was far ahead of his time in much of what he thought and did, da Vinci very much influenced and was influenced by the Renaissance, and this book places his life and work in the context of the world around him.

Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas

By Janis Herbert
Chicago Review Press, 1998
Ages 9-13

Kids can imagine themselves to be young Leonardos by experimenting with the twenty-one activities in this book, which range from growing herbs to flying kites to creating art.

Leonardo’s Horse

By Jean Fritz, illustrated by Hudson Talbott
Putnam, 2001
Ages 9-12

This creatively designed masterpiece of a book presents the widely unknown story of a modern man’s attempt to restore da Vinci’s dream of creating a gigantic horse statue.

What Makes a Leonardo a Leonardo?

By Richard Muhlberger
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1994
Ages 11-14

This book will open your eyes to da Vinci’s creations and explain why they are so special, unique, and loved.


Da Wild, Da Crazy, Da Vinci

by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Adam McCauley
Viking, 2004
Ages 9-12

The time traveling team of Fred, Joe, and Sam, head to sixteenth-century Italy where they hilariously encounter Leonardo himself.

The Disappearing Bike Shop

By Elvira Woodruff
Holiday House, 2002
Ages 9-12

While visiting Renaissance Italy, Freckly and Tyler begin to wonder if the unusual bicycle salesman could possibly be Leonardo da Vinci . . . and they might just be right!

The Second Mrs. Giaconda

By R. L. Konigsburg
Simon & Schuster, 1978
Ages 9-12

Da Vinci’s servant, Salai, tells the tale of how the Mona Lisa came to be in this story set right in Milan.

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