Traditional Christmas Greeting: "Vesele Bozicne"
Location: Eastern Europe
Tree Type: Traditional


  • Hand made wooden ornaments
  • Baskets
  • Decorated hearts
  • Bread ornaments

Traditions: The holiday season begins with St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. St. Nicholas is accompanied by devils that reprimand bad children. St. Nicholas passes out small gifts of candies and fruit to the good children.

A special bread (Portnjak) is made at this time. The bread is covered with a cloth and is placed on the table, however it is not eaten until the feast of the three kings on January 6th. Then it is distributed to the children.

There is a corner of the house which is called "God's corner" It is here that the father will place the Nativity scene. On Christmas Eve the family gathers around the Nativity scene to pray. Each room of the house is blessed with Holy Water and the barns and the out buildings are also blessed.

The family attends midnight mass along with other villagers they process to the church caring lighted torches singing Christmas carols. The Festival of the Three Kings marks the end of the Christmas season. On this day Children carrying lighted stars singing carols from house to house.