Traditional Christmas Greeting: "Sarbatri Fericite"
Location: Eastern Europe
Tree Type: Traditional

  • The star symbolizes the star of the Magi.
  • The lights are part of any momentous occasion of Christian life.
  • The globes represent the joy of the world. Some of the globes are handcrafted making them look more beautiful.
  • The dolls, which are handcrafted, according to Romanian tradition symbolize the purity of the child.
  • The apples, fir-cones and nuts represent the original ornaments with which the Romanians decorated their trees.

Traditions: According to Romanian tradition the Christmas tree was one of the gifts that the Magi brought to the Christ Child and Romanian families take great pride and receive great joy from the way they decorate their tress.

The Romanian reverence for the season is reflected in the presentations of the story of Christ's birth. From large theatrical presentations to puppet shows each dramatize the Nativity story. Carols form an important part of the Romanian folklore. Romanian carols are not simple songs with religious origin, but reflect many aspects of Romanian culture.

On Christmas Day, the boys parade through the towns and villages carrying a great wooden star (Steaua) decorated with tiny bells, colored paper and ribbons. The star is illuminated with a candle and is decorated with a picture of the Christ Child and the Magi.