The Museum will celebrate its 60th year of Christmas Around the World, a commemoration that began as a United Nations salute to American Allies during World War II. At that time, the two-week festival featured only one lone pine tree, redecorated each day by a different cultural community as a symbol of unity and harmony. Six decades later, Christmas Around the World has grown to a forest of nearly 50 trees and three crèches each carefully decorated in time-honored tradition by members of Chicago's cultural communities.

Each tree features hand-made crafts and ornaments passed from one generation to the
next. Each tree glitters uniquely, the product of careful hands and cultural pride. This year, the
Museum of Science and Industry will feature The Robert Lesser Collection of Space Toys and Robots, an amazing collection of more than 200 tin robots and space collectibles. In keeping with this 'space invasion,' the center tree will glitter with silver accents, beaming lights and other space décor. Christmas Around the World offers Museum guests a rare opportunity to peek into a 'global living room' and to share in celebrations of the holidays from Poland to Puerto Rico, from Iceland to India to outer space!

Listing of Trees and Creches
60th Celebration

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