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Featured Speakers

Jerry Ross, astronaut, NASA

Jerry Lynn Ross is a native of Crown Point, Ind., a graduate of Purdue University, a retired United States Air Force officer, and a former astronaut who retired from NASA in 2012. He is a veteran of seven U.S. Space Shuttle missions and shares an individual world record for the most spaceflights flown. Jerry is one of only three NASA astronauts to support the US Space Shuttle program from before the first launch through its final landing. He led the team of spacewalkers who began assembly of the Space Station and was among the first to enter it on orbit.

Cheryl Scott, meteorologist, NBC5 Chicago

Cheryl Scott joined NBC5 in 2011 as the morning and evening weekend meteorologist. She came to NBC5 from Knoxville, Tenn., and was on air during the historic April 27, 2011 tragic tornado outbreak that brought dozens of tornadoes and fatalities to the Knoxville area. Cheryl has always been fascinated with the weather, stemming from her favorite childhood movie, "The Wizard Of Oz." Growing up in a small town in South Jersey, she was surrounded by winter snowstorms and summer thunderstorms, and it was these events that made her realize she wanted to study the weather. Cheryl graduated from Brown University in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in geological sciences. She furthered her studies through Mississippi State's Distance Learning Program and received her Meteorology Certification in 2010.

Jerry Zimmerman ("Mr. Freeze"), Fermilab

Jerry Zimmerman, also know as Mr. Freeze, demonstrates the interesting and fun properties of cryogenics using liquid nitrogen ... an exciting science-based demonstration with lots of surprises and a few explosions! Jerry has a bachelor's degree in physics from Northern Illinois University and worked for 10 years in the aerospace industry at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado. Jerry is an applications software developer at Fermilab where he works on new detector research and machine design. He has been doing cryogenic shows for schools for the past 23 years.

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