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John Grunsfeld, Ph.D.

A veteran of five space flights, John Grunsfeld has logged over 58 days in space and nearly 60 hours of spacewalking. Dr. Grunsfeld joined NASA in 1992 with degrees in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago. He led the development of object-oriented programming for the onboard and mission command displays for the International Space Station, and he served as NASA Chief Scientist in 2003-2004, helping to develop the the President's Vision for Space Exploration.

Three of his missions have involved servicing and upgrades to the Hubble Space Telescope. He was the lead spacewalker on the most recent of these, STS-125 in May 2009, which made complex and extensive upgrades to the HST, the final ones planned for its lifespan.

Shortly after returning from STS-125, Dr. Grunsfeld came to the Museum and gave a public presentation on the mission. Afterward, he joined us for this podcast interview.

Dr. Grunsfeld is a native of Chicago, and having grown up in the Hyde Park neighborhood, he counts his visits to the nearby Museum of Science and Industry as part of his early science education.

MSI Podcast #7: John Grunsfeld
John Grunsfeld, NASA astronaut, discusses his recent mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

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