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Make a Friend from Soil and Seeds

Step 1 of 6:

Here's the Materials You'll Need:

Baby food jar or any container with a narrow opening
Knee-high nylons
Grass seed
Art supplies such as markers, paint, jiggle eyes, felt, fabric and buttons

Step 2 of 6:

Pour about three tablespoons of grass seeds in the toe area of the knee-high nylons, filling the toe about an inch with seeds. The toe will be the head of your soil friend, and the grass will look like his hair when it grows.

Step 3 of 6:

Pack a handful of soil in the toe end of the nylons on top of the seeds. Make sure that your ball of soil is slightly larger than the opening of your baby food jar or container.

Step 4 of 6:

Tie a knot in the nylons just below the soil. Cut the nylons so that the end reaches the bottom of your container when the ball of soil is sitting on the rim.

Step 5 of 6:

Now bring your soil friend to life! Give him some eyes, cut out a piece of felt for a mouth, fit fabric around the jar for a shirt ... be as creative as you'd like!

Step 6 of 6:

The end of the nylons inside the jar will absorb water, which will feed the grass seeds. The seeds will germinate and grow through the top of the nylons, giving your soil friend his hair. Be sure to water as needed, and have fun cutting your friend's "hair" into different styles.

Key Terms Defined

The stage of growth when a plant root sprouts from the outer seed covering

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