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Make a Circuit Board

Step 10 of 10: What's happening?

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Key Terms Defined

A path that electricity flows along
Material that allows electrical current to flow easily

A basic circuit consists of three parts: a source, the conductor, and the use. A switch can be added to turn the flow of electricity on or off. In this activity, the electrical current begins at the source (battery), moves along a conductor (wires) and performs a use (turning on the holiday lights) that is regulated by the switch (paper clips).

The holiday lights will only turn on if the circuit is complete. That means the paper clips must touch two nails that are connected by a wire on the back of the cardboard. The challenge is to figure out what connection will complete the circuit – by getting the right answer – without seeing the wires on the back of the cardboard.

Try this

Write some new questions and answers and test other people Remember to re-wire the back of the cardboard so the correct question and answer nails are connected.

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