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Bust out the cigars, everyone; it's time to celebrate! I'm a proud father to 17 Black Java chicks. There may be more to join the peep (yes, you can actually call a group of chicks a peep) but at last count I have 17 little ones calling me papa (watch out Jim Bob Duggar). Oh- and I speak chick, so don't question me on this. I've been eagerly awaiting their arrival throughout their 21 day incubation period. How eager was I? Check out where I slept the night before they finally shed their shells:

You may remember that on Day 5, Farm Day, I went to Garfield Farm Museum to pick out my Black Java chicken eggs. The Black Java is one of the oldest breeds in the U.S. and was extremely common but their numbers had dwindled over the years to near extinction. MSI, however, has been working with Garfield Farm to help rebuild the population. And I'm happy to lend my paternal skills to the effort. 

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to my little Black Java family:

Americano, Caramel, Frappuccino, Cappuccino, Percolate, Double Shot, Mocha, Half-Caf, Macchiato, Arabica, Con Leche, Demitasse, Fair Trade, Espresso, Au Lait, Non-Fat Extra-Hot No-Whip Sugar-Free Gingerbread Latte… and, last but not least, Joe. 

It was a pretty exhausting day for the li'l fellas - you know, the whole being born thing - so I haven't gathered them all up for a family photo yet. Hopefully soon. But in the meantime, here are some other pics from hatch day.

I was the first human they saw so I'm pretty sure they've imprinted on me as their father and will follow me around from now on.

This is Arabica. She was sitting in her half-shell when I found her this morning.

 Setting out the eggs in the "wet side" so the guests can see my happy family hatching. The ones that were fully hatched were put directly in the "dry side" (aka: the fluffy side)


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November 14, 2011

This makes me so happy! I've been waiting for this one :)

November 14, 2011

Congrats !!! I'm sure they will make you proud as they mature and keep the Breed growing !!! Thanks for the pics and the up-dates. Lots of love, Your Cuz....

November 17, 2011

Good job Kevin! This story is so touching and the pictures are adorable. I especially love the names of your lil' brood ;-)

too old for words
July 09, 2012

Went to the MSI when I was ten. WE all crawled around outside and up a latter to go inside the Submarine. in what was considered the MSI back yard, back then. Went back with my grand daughters after the additions, and through the sub again. Bill Curtis did anice job explaining /showing the history of this. My grandfather came over from UK and performed at the orginial 1893 Columbian expo near the Palace of Art ( as MSI was called ).

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