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Well, more specifically, TnT Paranormal Investigators. The end of Day 10 was spent with the team from TnT looking around for things that go bump in the night. We spent time on the Pioneer Zephyr train and the U-505 with a whole arsenal of detectors, meters, cameras and recorders. Melissa and the rest of the TnT team were great - ready to answer any question and very respectful of the history associated with the locations. Our first stop was the Zephyr which, as previously mentioned, is a bit on the creepy side to begin with. (Here's video of the train that I shot last week.)

Regardless of my thoughts on ghost hunting, I had fun last night. It's a little like telling spooky stories; I might not totally believe them but it's fun to feel a little nervous that a ghoul might jump out and rip off your face. Or... well... maybe just set off your Mel Meter with a change in the electromagnetic field. While we didn't notice anything strange last night, the team will pour over the footage to see if anything surprising is revealed. Bwah-ha-ha-hah! I'll give you all an update if anything shows up.

One of the best parts about the night was getting to spend some more time on the U-505. It really is an amazing piece of history. We sat around (actually, I laid in a bunk! Can you believe it!?!) and we recounted what we knew about the sub (my contribution was basically what Gabe, my tour guide from earlier in the day, had taught us – thanks Gabe!). I'm really looking forward to spending more time aboard (and getting to climb up to the conning tower and walking up on top). And sleeping on it, of course. Can't wait!

I'm in a state of constant wonder and amazement being here. But last night especially as I was laying in the U-505, I was particularly thankful for the experience. Every single day has been amazing so far. Thank everyone at MSI & thanks to everyone following along with me.

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October 30, 2011

Kevin, you really need to wander into the gift shop and borrow a copy of U-505: The Final Journey by James Wise. I just finished reading it, and it really is a fascinating and interesting book!

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