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Who knew a little rubber band could be such a hot commodity? Of course, when it's handed to you by a tall guy in a yellow shirt that's turning pasty from lack of vitamin D*, it's so much more special, right? Riiiiight.

Silly bands, if you're not familiar, are ("were"? I'm so out of touch) the Beanie Babies/Pokemon/Cabbage Patch Kids of recent years. When stretched out**, they simply look like colored rubber bands. But when released <SNAP> they form different shapes. Magic, right? Well, yes;...

Day 8 was dedicated to health and wellness. Alright, alright - before you sound the <wah wuh> alarm signaling a super-lame day at MSI, give me a chance to tell you how awesome this day way.

The first half of the day was dedicated to the "Live from the Heart" experience. It you're not familiar or didn't see my 3,249 tweets about it, let me explain. It's a program where guests at the museum are connected via video-conference to an operating room to watch (and hear) a real-life open-heart surgery....

I did like green day today.

I put green eggs onto a plate,
By 9am this day was great.

I then ate them with a chef,
I did eat 'til none were left.

I then went to City Hall,
Up to the top, hope I don't fall.

A prairie field up on floor twelve,
For more details, I did delve.

20K square feet of green,
Oasis here; very serene.

Bees a-plenty on the roof,
I smoked their hive out with a poof.

Learned a lot 'bout bees and honey,
Thought with the veil, I did look funny.

For the night, Smart Home is mine,
Fake wine and...

To wrap up day 6, I invited over 8,000 of my closest police chief friends from around the world for some dinner and drinks. Okay- more accurately, MSI hosted an event for the International Association of Chiefs of Police and I just happened to be hanging out in a plexiglass cube. I had a chance to meet a number of the attendees and they were all really great - curious as to why I was living in a museum - but great. I got many of the typical questions ("where do you eat?", "do they let you out of...

I got to trade one museum for another today as we trekked out to Garfield Farm Museum. MSI and Garfield Farm have been teaming up over the past years to grow the population of Java chickens. Black Javas used to be extremely common in the US but their numbers had dwindled over the years to near extinction. However, with this partnership, MSI is helping to grow the Black Java population and even produced Auburn Javas, a breed that had...

kevin byrne

A digital marketing analyst from Chicago, Kevin is living inside the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere for 30 days.

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