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Interviews for Chinese television, tours of fairy castles, dinners with furniture store magnates (I shared a table with Walter E. Smithe and his wife last week!) - it's safe to say that there is nothing typical about my days here at MSI. It's a constant adventure and there are surprises around every corner. But there are definitely some...

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Halloween. When not living in a museum, I slave over my sewing machine for months before the big day. But this year was different. No sewing machine, no prep work and no going outside. Of course, that didn't stop me from trick-or-treating and going to haunted houses. Yep, that's plural: "houses". For as much as the public sees (haunted tours of Coal Mine and Zephyr, Halloween parade let by yours truly, spooky demonstrations, etc.) there's just as much going on...

Alright. It's confession time: I have to admit that I haven't seen "Night at the Museum". I know, I know; it's shameful. I actually tried to buy both "NATM1" and "2" but the store only had the sequel so I picked it up and brought it with me. I was just going to watch #2 but people kept telling me I wouldn't follow it unless I saw the original (umm... everything comes to life, right? Isn't that pretty much it?). So, there you go....

Though not as common as "how do you eat?" and "where do you go to the bathroom?", a question that I receive at least once a day is "why are you here?" It's a completely valid question and actually one that I occasionally ask myself. In other words: what do I want to accomplish during my time here? While I thought I knew the answer from the start, I think it's taken me a couple of weeks to really focus in on my motivation.

My take on MATM is this: an average visitor comes to MSI and has a few...

...Ghost Hunters!

Well, more specifically, TnT Paranormal Investigators. The end of Day 10 was spent with the team from TnT looking around for things that go bump in the night. We spent time on the Pioneer Zephyr train and the U-505 with a whole arsenal of detectors, meters, cameras and recorders. Melissa and the rest of the TnT team were great - ready to answer any question and very respectful of the history associated with the locations....

kevin byrne

A digital marketing analyst from Chicago, Kevin is living inside the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere for 30 days.

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