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Alright. I fell for it. I just thought I was taking fingerprints in the Crime Lab. But the MSI folks had something else in mind. And when we were hanging pennies from a Slinky? Yep, they got me then too. Or how about when I was challenged to build a loop-the-loop track for a marble? Same thing.

What was it?


Before today, I had no idea how much education actually took place within the museum. I knew that the exhibits were chock-full of information but I never gave much thought to...

With so much to see and do, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I feel like every hour I spend here, at least one new "to do" gets added to my list. So, in order to break the experience into more manageable chunks, my days will often have themes. Day 2's was "Behind the Scenes." From selling admission tickets to helping to facilitate demonstrations to getting an up-close look at the Omnimax projector - today was all about getting the inside scoop.

Probably my favorite thing today was the "Nooks and...

My first day started with a bang! Well, more accurately, cheers and a whistle.

The MSI staff, guests and media really rolled out the red carpet for my arrival yesterday. It was extremely exciting although a little overwhelming. I mean, it's not everyday that I enter a building to find hundreds of people cheering and taking photos. (Note to self: convince coworkers to cheer when I return to work… and everyday thereafter.) I was presented with a ceremonial key to the museum, my real keys, badge and...

kevin byrne

A digital marketing analyst from Chicago, Kevin is living inside the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere for 30 days.

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