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Advancing Science Education in Schools

New research is showing that the Museum's teacher professional development courses make a direct, positive impact on student learning in science. The study by an international expert on K-12 science and math curriculum and assessment at Michigan State University compared two groups of teachers in grades 4-8 with comparable baselines in knowledge and student demographics. The “treatment group” participated in our Get Re-Energized course and the “control” group did not.

Teachers in the treatment group outperformed those in the control – as did the students. MSU researchers conclude, with a high degree of confidence, that the improvements were due to the teacher's participation in MSI coursework. It’s also notable that these improvements happened in the same year that the teachers participated in MSI's program.

Read the full report and the summary of findings from the Education Policy Center at Michigan State University.

MSI to Train 1,000 Teachers
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools officials joined Museum President David Mosena at a press conference to release the study and announce the Museum's plans to train teachers.
See the Location of Our Partners
MSI is partnering with schools and community organizations across the Chicago area to improve science education. This map shows participants in our teacher courses and after-school science clubs.

press conference

Watch the full press conference announcing the MSU study results and MSI's plan to train 1,000 teachers in the next five years.

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arne duncan, u.s. secretary of education

  • “Improving STEM education is a national priority. It’s great to have strong outside partners like MSI to supplement STEM teaching in our schools."

teacher niki liakopolous, chicago

  • “My science teaching was just from the science book provided by my school until I started taking the MSI courses. Now my science lessons come to life."

researcher william schmidt, ph.d.

"Many professional development programs are not very effective. MSI's program is, and we now have the proof."

Get William Schmidt's bio

teacher ron hale, chicago

  • “I’ve learned that students can be successful in science if it is taught in a manner that is engaging, thoughtful to their learning styles and allows them to make discoveries on their own.”

teacher arleta bazile, robbins

  • “My students are really responding to the hands-on, inquiry-based teaching approach. Since I've been involved in the Museum courses, my students' science test scores have improved.”
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