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There's a growing trend in science in which the general public collects and interprets data for research projects led by universities and other institutions. Citizen science, as it's commonly called, can involve tracking wildlife, identifying stars, and even scanning the galaxy for extraterrestrial life. And now... reporting roadkill!

A group called Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation seeks cyclists who will help track the roadkill they see, which can help prevent further animal flattenings. While anyone can submit information about ill-fated animals they find, the organization especially hopes to enlist long-distance cyclists. Because they regularly travel the same roads, cyclists can often track changes more accurately and are in position to spot trends.

While not the most pleasant of activities, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation does their best to make it very easy. Reports can be made online or by using the upcoming smartphone apps. Cyclists who don't want to stop can also make a quick voice recording and then submit it later.

This group is just monitoring California for the time being. Wherever you live, don't stop to hang out with "Count Flatula" the bat or any other roadkill, which can contain dangerous microbes and bacteria.

Image: neeravbhatt on Flickr

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