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Turns out that studying physics can do more than make you super-smart; it can also get you out of a ticket! University of California physicist Dmitri Krioukov was written a ticket for not properly stopping at a stop sign in California. In order to fight the citation, he wrote a paper.

In four pages of graphs and formulas, The Proof of Innocence asserts that the police officer's point of view was obscured by the angle at which he viewed the intersection, and by another passing car. Since Krioukov stopped abruptly due to a sneeze and then re-accelerated, he says it only appeared as though he did not come to a complete stop. As the physicist notes at the end, it was merely that the officer's "perception of reality did not properly reflect reality."

When all was said and done, the ticket against Krioukov was dropped. Seems like a man who studies physics is just "unstoppable," huh?

Image: iStockphoto

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