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If you created a robot, what would it be like? I would probably build a battery-powered android, because I think I would have the most fun with either a sassy maid-bot or a pretend-little-sister-bot. Scientists in Texas and Virginia were a little more creative, having built "Robojelly," a jellyfish robot that runs on hydrogen and oxygen!

This little swimmer currently gets its fuel from tubes connected to tanks. But if the researchers can get Robojelly to take hydrogen and oxygen directly from water, it could swim through oceans all around the world without ever running out of energy!

Last year, researchers at Harvard developed another super cool animal-based soft robot. This one was based on a starfish, and definitely has creeping down to a science.

If you considered either of these bots "small wonders," you should definitely stop by MSI for our events during National Robotics Week, April 7-15, 2012!

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