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A critically acclaimed show with perhaps more chemistry per hour than any drama in television history, Breaking Bad is also a show involving nefarious and harmful uses of chemistry, and a show very much for adults. Like the show, this post discusses topics that are not to be glamorized, but only to explain how Breaking Bad respects science while exploring sad and unfortunate topics.

Scientists watch TV too! And folks in the biz have taken notice.

AMC’s hit television drama

Scientists from the University of Bristol studied whether an algorithm can predict whether a given song will hit the "top five" in the music charts. Their published accuracy rate? Approximately 60%, slightly better than random guessing. However, some interesting conclusions have emerged from this study:

1) It is easier for the algorithm to predict hits from the late '90s onward than in earlier eras, particularly the early '80s. Does this imply that David Bowie and Queen more musically complex...

While some of us spent our Spring Breaks exploring MSI, some students from St. Olaf College in Minnesota geeked out in the coolest way: building a Rube Goldberg machine that set a world record! A Rube...

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