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Fresh fruit is so delicious, especially when the piece is perfectly ripe! So how can you tell when something is ready to eat? Do you squish or sniff, searching for a subtle change in coloring? What if the fruit is trapped in a box, waiting to be put out onto grocery store shelves? An MIT professor and his students are developing inexpensive ethylene sensors to help monitor the freshness of produce!


For anyone raised on Disney films, it should come as a no-brainer that aggressive and abrasive villains dress in black. A University of Florida study recently found something similar: NHL hockey teams were...

How would you like a door lock that opens to your touch and your touch only? Instead of giving someone a key to your house while you’re gone, just program the lock to recognize their bones! Wait… what? Yes. Well, not quite yet, but a technology being prototyped at AT&T Labs sends vibrations from your smartphone through your bones. This

Turns out that studying physics can do more than make you super-smart; it can also get you out of a ticket! University of California physicist Dmitri Krioukov was written a ticket for not properly stopping at a stop sign in California. In order to fight the citation, he wrote a paper.

In four pages of graphs and formulas, The Proof of Innocence asserts that the police...

If you’re like me, you often step outside and yell, “Hey everybody, it’s 2012... Where are all the electric cars?” Batteries, it turns out, are a tough obstacle on the road to electric car efficiency. One big issue is that usually the more juice a battery can crank out, the heavier it must get. But IBM is seeking to address that problem with lightweight batteries capable of propelling a car 500 miles on a single charge.

The Battery 500 Project...

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