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Scientists at the University of Illinois have created a new formula for electrically conductive ink that flows better and dries faster than the kinds currently available. This special type of ink allows people to draw functioning circuits on paper, plastic, and other materials. In the future, further improvements like these could make circuit building even easier for...

Hey, phone phriends! The new Android operating system (awesomely nicknamed "Ice Cream Sandwich") offers a facial-recognition feature called “Face Unlock.” It allows mobile device owners to gain access to their locked devices through a quick facial scan.

This is not new technology, but it still rare in home electronics. Will facial recognition grant us freedom from remembering passwords? Probably not, but I still think it’s cool. I just hope I don’t have to update my face every six months.


Do you ever reflect on the importance of walking? Getting around is not only vital to our physical well-being, but also for our psychological health. Traditionally, wheelchairs have been the only mobility option for people suffering from spinal injuries. But a group of Turkish scientists are working to improve quality of life by “thinking outside of the chair.”

The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device may look like a Segway and a Stairmaster had a baby,...

Warm up your thumbs, gamers, because future video game controllers may provide even more ways to feel the world of the game. Engineers from the University of Utah have produced a prototype controller featuring thumb sticks with sections that can move independently of the gamer’s fingers. Sensations such as a nibble on a video game fishing line can now be communicated to the gamer through subtle, directional stretching of the thumb’s skin.

Controllers like these are examples of

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